Veronica Anaya-Gonzalez

Veronica Anaya

Creative Statement:

My sources of inspiration comes from the idea of individuality. My favorite works of art—from music to films for originality, self-expression, and individuality. Today, so much of art and media rely on repurposing to attract viewers or listeners. What motivates me is the idea of human connection and the sincerity of people. I want to draw attention to life events that are often missed or seen as too intimate to recreate. I discovered that I prefer my projects and artwork to have a style that suits my taste as I was making it. I believe that when generating the work that I made and continue to create, I gravitated most toward pieces by Victor Moscoso and one of my favorite directors, Wong Kar-wai. They experiment with color, saturation, and contrast, which are tools that I frequently use. I enjoy capturing ordinary moments in my work since they are part of life as we know it. My goals are to always challenge myself and work with new mediums.